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Professional show car detailing in the Marbella area can be tough to find. Autology is here to help. We offer detailing services that ensure your vehicle can stay as clean as possible before the show.

Although we do offer some of the finest waxes for use in car detailing, the key to show-car levels of detailing does not just depend on the waxes used. The key to creating the ultimate shine on your vehicle is the preparation before waxing which includes, clay barring techniques, and a state-of-the-art polishing process. This approach is more effective at improving the look of your luxury car, sports car, supercar, SUV or show car, than just a simple wash & wax treatment.

While preparing your car before waxing is an important step, it is the polishing step that gives the most dramatic improvement in your vehicle’s appearance. Paint polishing can effectively remove swirls, watermarks, and scratches in your car’s paintwork, while also drastically enhancing the gloss and depth of shine. This comes in handy when your car will be seen or judged at a car show.

We always start by putting towels on windshield and wheels avoiding de-greaser on these areas then cleaning undercarriage and engine compartment. Then we carefully clean and remove brake dust from wheel wells, tyres, and alloys to provide specific care.

A full car wash with excellent cleansers and thorough rinsing is provided to make sure there is no residue leftover from the washing process.  We are also sure to carefully dry the car avoiding water spots, along with the door jambs and hinges, all are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

For the ultimate shine we adopt a clay bar process, then wax and buffing will be provided with careful consideration of the type and make of the vehicle.

For the interior, it is blown out and vacuumed to remove all dust and dirt. We use a mild soap and a hot rag in the interior for wiping down to ensure all dust and dirt is removed. We never use harsh detergents or chemical cleaning agents. We also use the best leather cleaners and conditioner on all types of leathers, carpets, and mats and any upholstery will be cleaned making them look brand new. The boot is also carefully cleaned.

All windows/glass will be cleaned of all haze and smudges, leaving them sparkling clean and bright. Your car will then be ready for ‘top in prize’ because a great detail makes all the difference.

Speak to a member of the team about our services


Speak to a member of the team about our services