Why You Should Never Use A Garage Car Wash

Why You Should Never Use A Garage Car Wash

Garage carwashes are everywhere – at every junction, in every town, of every city. They’re convenient, and a timesaver – you can grab some snacks and coffee while you wait. However, in the long run, they can cause considerable damage to your vehicle’s paintwork.

The most significant disadvantage that garage carwashes pose to your car is the abrasive nature of the tools that are used. For example, the brushes that “clean” are filled with a lot of other cars’ dirt and grit that can scratch your car’s paintwork. Although some carwashes do an excellent job of maintaining these brushes by rinsing them between uses, many don’t, and you don’t know which cleans them and which do not!.

Another type of “garage carwash” is the touchless wash. This kind of carwash can avoid excessive abrasive damage caused by your traditional garage carwash; it also adds something to the equation that you may wish to consider. Touch-less carwashes must use aggressive chemicals to get the job done. Yes, they may smell good, be extra foamy, and all the works, but they’re usually the least expensive line of car care products for a reason – as a result, quality is often compromised.

As ‘touchless’ carwashes don’t use a brushes’ agitating action, they must compensate by using extra-strong chemicals to aid in loosening the dirt and grime off your car. These chemicals strip your car’s protective waxes and sealants faster, and shorten the life of your car’s exterior clear coat.

What’s the solution? In our experience doing paint correction and paint coating services, the damage is primarily due to improper car washing techniques.

Through time, your car will get millions of tiny scratches because of these aggressive techniques, damaging the clear coat of your vehicle. This leaves the surface of the transparent coat vulnerable and exposed to UV damage and even bird-poop damage, which is never good.

To repair these “micro-scratches,” paint correction is the answer. This is where we polish or level the clear coat to get to the bottom of each of the scratches. Note: This will leave your clear coat thinner than it was before.

The best way to correct your car’s clear coating is to apply a thick, durable and high-quality Paint Coating, such as CeramicPro™. As Paint Coatings are chemical-resistant, providing your vehicle with the protection it needs from aggressive chemicals.

In summary:

Here at Autology, we want you to have the right education and information on car care, and to maximise the life of your vehicle. Autology is here whenever your car needs a proper wash, detail or paint protection.

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