Should You Consider Paint Protection?

Should You Consider Paint Protection?

To talk about Paint Protection, you need to know what it is all about. Let’s start with paint correction, first.

What is “paint correction”?

Paint correction is more than just your usual “buff-n-shine” combo. Let us explain. At Autology, we use an extensive array of tools and products (plus professional training) to eliminate every scratch, swirl marks and even stains in your vehicle’s paint. Creating an intense gloss and shine that will make your vehicle shine, like it’s brand new. This is “paint correction” in a nutshell.

Paint Correction is not just a process of covering up stains with waxes and glazes – the process removes them for good. Rather than trying to fill the scratches and other defects in the paint with wax (or a glaze), we correctly repair them by “levelling”. We polish and buff the paint to make the clear coat smooth again.

There are different levels of Paint Correction. You can have a light, medium or deep paint correction, depending on the damage that your car paintwork has.

For example, your car has had acid etching and some random scratches on it, this will require a medium paint correction done to it. The scratches do not do a lot of damage. As experts, we know what is the ideal level of treatment and will not thin down the clear coat too much, that it may cause problems in the future, with paint oxidization or ‘peeling.’

Now that you have a beautiful paint job done on your car, what’s next? That’s when paint protection comes in.

What is “paint protection”?

The best way to protect paint is with paint coating. Paint coating is a new development in car care. Before it was common to use waxes and sealants, but it is not very sustainable as they evaporate and wash away after a few months. The paint coating Autology offer, on the other hand, is a permanent layer of protection that produces a thicker, harder layer of protection. It is virtually resistant to everything: UV, water/chemical spotting, bird droppings, etc.

Because paint coatings offer a substantial layer of protection, it makes it hard for dirt to “stick” to a car. Thus, the car stays cleaner for longer! It also washes much easier compared to a vehicle without a paint coat.

We use the best products in the industry here at Autology, like Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro is pioneer product in the permanent coating sector. Its use of nanotechnology and its unique formulation has enabled it to be multi-layered, meaning the thickness (and level of protection) of the coating can be increased. Ceramic Pro was initially designed for the aerospace and oil industry but quickly expanded into other industries so more people can benefit from the technology.

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