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There are plenty of choices when it comes to protective coatings for vehicles, most of which are inferior to the products we use in Autology. Of course, manufacturers and even some less reputable detailers will attempt to blind you with science and fantastic marketing, but the majority will rarely live up to their (mostly self-driven) hype.

However, here in Autology’s carwash and detailing centre, we insist on only the very best for our clients. Dean Richardson, Master Detailer, and owner of Autology, regularly tests new glass and nanoceramic coatings. So you are assured that any product used will live up to the high-quality and standards Autology is known for.

Our reputation amongst local car enthusiasts is second to none because once they receive their vehicle after our tried and tested glass and ceramic nanocoatings are applied, we won’t see the majority of clients for another 2-3 years, other than for minor maintenance.

At Autology, we do things right the first time, for you to receive the full benefits that the best glass, nano, and ceramic coatings offer.

All Autology’s coatings and polishes are applied to the vehicle in ideal conditions, and by one of the best car detailers in the area, so you are assured of high-quality work.

Note: All glass and nanocoatings need to be applied in controlled conditions. This process cannot be completed outside, as these types of coatings require 24 hours to “cure.” At Autology’s detailing centre in Marbella, we have the ideal conditions and will ensure only the best possible finish is achieved. Our dedicated workplace environment and curing techniques always produce perfect results.


Speak to a member of the team about our services


Speak to a member of the team about our services